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Solar Panels In Panama

Benefits of solar panels in Panama

This new breakthrough in cell Technology is innovative for interconnecting the cell, it minimizes the electrical losses from cell to cell and it provides higher efficiency. Increase the cells available space to absorb more sunlight.
Unique Production Method (Patent Pending), it increases in the modules active area, to convert more Sunlight into electricity features. Provides more power, greatly reduces optical and electrical losses, leading in component power industry. It general has a strong stability, effectively enhance the reliability and stability of the product. It significantly reduces the hot spot effect. It reduces system cost and its high component efficiency effectively reduces the floor space, BOS, transportation and operation costs 5-10%.
It is also more reliable, avoid the battery crack caused by the traditional welding process; the components are flexible and compressible, suitable for a variety of harsh environments. They are usually available in beautifully appearance forms; the battery is evenly arranged, perfect visual enjoyment.

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